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If you are writing about a kit that you want us to make, please understand that: 1) Our items are made to be universal so in ALL applications with a little planning and patience, you can make your own kit with our available Universal Kits.
2) If you really can't figure it out and need a kit made for your application, the fastest way is to make a request to purchase 5 kits at once of your particular application.  Organize a group buy and then contact us.  With so many different vehicles including year and trim differences out there, it will take a lot of time for us to get to all of them.  We are currently making kits in the order of popularity of aftermarket applications.

If you have questions or comments about our company, you may contact us by e-mail at

Do to overwhelming response, please be patient while we get to your inquiry.  If you are writing about a particular kit you would like to see made, please give us year, make, model, and trim level and we will see  what we can do.  Thank you.

Dealer Inquiries Welcome.
  But please do note, that we are currently organizing our deal program and a response to your inquiry will be delayed until a program is in place.  Thank you for your patience!